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AiR Stavanger, Frida Hansens hus

The artist in residency program at Frida Hansens hus is currently programmed by Rogaland Contemporary Art Center and by invitation only. The focus of the program is on Frida Hansen’s legacy, as a textile artist, as a woman and as an international participant.

Residing artists since 2012: Anders Smedby, Charlotte Linton, Gerlinde Meisenbrook, Mariam Ghani, Erin Kelly, Travis Boyer and Naomi Fisher.

About Frida Hansen
The Stavangerborn artist Frida Hansen (1855-1931) is an important pioneer of textile art both in and outside Norway. Her international breakthrough came with a gold medal at the International Exhibition in Paris, 1900 whereby her tapestries were comissioned by museums and collections all over Europe. Sadly only a few of her larger works can be found in Norway. Frida Hansen is a significant representative of the Art Nouveau style in Norway and has also made great technical contributions to the craft.

Frida Hansens hus was built in 1846 and is today owned by Stavanger City Council. After considerable renovations it was reopened in 2001 with an artist residency, a small café/gallery and a permanent exhibiton about Frida Hansen. 

About the Stavanger region
Stavanger City Council encourages international cultural cooperation in new and innovative ways. This provides the region's artists with the opportunity to gain new experiences and inspiration through interaction with a variety of European art circles. As a part of the internationalization, Stavanger provide studios for foreign artists who wish to work and be inspired by our region.

In recent years Stavanger has emerged as an international city, in terms of business, culture and population. As a result of this, artistic and cultural life has flourished - people from all parts of the world live here and approximately 150 nationalities are represented in the region. This population diversity translates across into a vibrant artistic and cultural life. 

Apartment on first floor, 40 m2. The apartment has a living room with sofa, dinner table & chairs, a fully equipped kitchen, a sleeping room with 1,5 size bed, bathroom, shower and laundry machines. Suitable for 2 persons.

Living room, app. 26 m2 can be used for work.

Technical information
Wireless broadband, PC and TV in the apartment.

Frida Hansens House. Adress: Frida Hansensvei 7, in Hillevåg outside of Stavanger town centre. App. 5 minutes with bus from Stavanger town centre.

Paid by the artist/provided by the programme
Free for artists working with visual arts, both Norwegian and international artists, for a period of max  3 months.

Application criteria
The residency is by invitation only.

For more information
Rogaland Contemporary Art Center
Nytorget 17
+47 51 59 97 60

14-10 2014


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