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Bergen airport, Flesland, is situated 20 km south of Bergen town centre, about 30 minutes by car, 45 minutes by bus. You can fly directly between Bergen and a number of international destinations.

Direct international flights between Bergen Airport, Flesland, are at present: Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris, Frankfurt, København, Roma, Barcelona, Stockholm, Riga, Warszawa. More destinations may be added during the summer season. All destinations may be subject to change, please get updated flight information from the airport website:


The ferry between Hirtshals in Denmark and Stavanger/Bergen is operated by Fjord Line. Updated info on schedules and fares is to be found at

The ferry between Newcastle and Bergen is not operating at present.

The ferry between Hirtshals in Denmark and Kristiansand are operated by Color Line, see From Kristiansand to Bergen there is a driving distance of 490 km, about 8 hours by car and 10 hours by bus.

The coastal ferry Hurtigruten operates from Bergen and all along the coast north to Kirkenes. See

Long distance express buses operates from Oslo (10 hours), Kristiansand (9 hours), Stavanger (5 hours 30 min) and Trondheim (14 hours). Check info on schedules and fares at ,and

Long distance train from Oslo to Bergen, 7 hours. A spectacular journey through mountains and fjords. The Hardangerjøkul clacier is the peak experience, viewed from Finse station at 1222 meters above sea level. Info and schedules on

From Oslo, alternative 1:
Take main road E 16 heading north, then Rv7, then Rv52 and back on E16 in to Bergen. Road open all year, distance 504 km, about 7 hours, 30 min. NB: through the longest tunnell in the world (24 km)! Also several long and short tunnels. Toll road.
From Oslo, alternative 2:
Take main road E 16 heading north, then Rv7 and then back on E 16 into Bergen. Scenic route over the Hardangervidda mountain and along fjords. Road may be subject to total closure or convoy during winter. Several long and short tunnels. Partly narrow roads. Ferry crossing. Toll road. Distance 498 km, 9 hours.
From Stavanger:
Take main road E 39 north to Bergen, distance 207 km, about 4 hrs 15 minutes. Toll road and two ferry crossings. Please note that ferries have fewer departures between midnight and 6 am.

From Kristiansand: Take Rv9 heading north from Kristiansand, then E 134, then Rv 13, then 550, then Rv7 and E 16 into Bergen. Distance 504 km, 9 hours. Toll road.

Important: Please consider the weather conditions when driving in the winter (nov - march). Do NOT drive on ice and snow without proper winter tyres. Drive with great carefulness. Frontlights are mandatory, day and nights, even in summer. Though status as main roads such as E16 and Rv7, norwegian roads may sometimes have poor standards. Drivers should be prepared of curvy and narrow roads, tunnels, snow and ice, early winter darkness, road closures and ferry crossings. Do not overrestimate your driving skills - please keep to the speed limits, and lower when necessary.

Se complete norwegian route planner at

Other planners: Google Maps



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